PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Ijlal Ahmed Alvi, “Islamic Repo & Collateralization Possibilities“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Ijlal Ahmed Alvi, “IFM Seminar On Hedging And Liquidity Management In Islamic Finance“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Habib Motani, “The ISDA-IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement – Key Features“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Habib Motani, “The ISDA-IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement – Next Steps“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Peter Werner, “Law Reform in Islamic Jurisdictions“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Nasir Ali Merchant, “Rating Workshop“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Mohammed Razlan Mohammed, “Role of Ratings in the Development of Malaysian Debt Capital Market“
PRE-CONFERENCE WS – Faheem Ahmed, “Introduction to Fiduciary Ratings“
DAY 1 – Sohaib Umar, “Islamic Funds and Investment Report 2010“
DAY 1 – Amer Afiouni, “Global Competitiveness Landscape of Islamic Finance“
DAY 1 – Raja Teh Maimunah, “Establishing Global Connectivity. Enhancing product accessibility & tradability, price transparency …“
DAY 1 – Craig Hewett, “Exchanges = the catalyst for growth in Islamic finance – BFX leading the way“
DAY 1 – Jonathan Van Rooyen, “Infrastructure investment as an emerging asset class for Islamic Finance“
DAY 1 – Dr. Abdul Bari Mashal, “…“
DAY 1 – Khaled Al-Aboodi, “ICD = The Private Sector Arm of the IDB Group“
DAY 1 – Sanjeev K. Chadha, “Ijara Management Company (IMC)“
DAY 2 – Mahnaz Bahrami, “New Approaches for Managing Liquidity Risk“
DAY 2 – Mark Mobius, “Shifting Perspectives = New Realities in the Global Financial System“
DAY 2 – Ijlal A Alvi, “Standardizing Market Practices“
DAY 2 – Khairul Nizam, “Accounting Standards for Islamic Financial Institutions“
DAY 2 – Richard Thomas, “Renewing the business model in the current financial reality“
DAY 2 – Jamal A. Al-Hazeem, “Quo Vadis. Islamic Banks and Consumer Banking“
DAY 2 – Moinuddin Malim, “Islamic Retail Banking. A brief synopsis of issues and opportunities“
DAY 2 – Hanuman Tripathi, “Is Technology for Consumer Islamic Banking a Necessity or a Fad“