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21-23 May 2015 - Moscow: VI Islamic Finance and Investment Forum

Themed 'Islamic Financial Market in Russia and Real Economy' it was part of the Moscow Halal Expo 2015


25 March 2015 - Milan: "Gulf&Med Il mercato, gli investimenti e la finanza islamica"

Workshop sul contributo della finanza islamica nel ruolo geopolitico dell’Italia con i paesi del Golfo.


13-15 March 2015 - Ditchley Park: The 6th SC-OCIS Roundtable 2015 'Seeking Sustainability: Role of Islamic Finance in the Transformational Change'

Roundtable discussion among a select group of policy makers, senior industry practitioners, scholars and academicians on topical issues and challenges in Islamic finance within the overall global financial system.


2-3 March 2015 - Bahrain: "Global Islamic Investment Gateway"

A pioneering initiative to facilitate cross-border investment transactions by bringing together investors and investment opportunities from across OIC markets.


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century