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Italian Heritage

The conference held in Turin on14 October 2017 and themed "ITALIAN ISLAMIC HERITAGE: TWELVE CENTURIES OF CONNECTIONS" is morphing into a permanent project. A journey through the Islamic historical-artistic-architectural heritage still extant in Italy, to tell the intertwined stories between Christianity and Islam, the West and the Orient.

Today, the valorization of the cultural heritage is a privileged asset for sustainable and inclusive development, tourism and innovation. The ‘design for heritage’, together with restoration and conservation activities, and the implementation of the good practices of participation and inclusion, offer the ways and means to create networks and make this unfamiliar asset available to the public. Keywords: beauty, curiosity, intercultural bonds, Islam.

1. Mediterraneo medievale |

2. Rotte medievali |

3. Nuovi scenari | 4. Orientalismo | 5. Oggetti d'arte islamica nei musei d'Italia


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century