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5-6 December 2007 - Frankfurt: 2nd Islamic Financial Services Forum

The forum, themed 'The European Challenge' was organized by the Islamic Finance Service Board and hosted by the German Central Bank. It made the point on the current situation and prospects of Islamic finance in Germany and the EU


18 November 2007- Dubai: Islamic and Ethical Finance

This conference was one-of-a-kind to explore how the Islamic financial industry should develop in the coming years and how it could broaden its appeal to socially aware consumers


6-7 November 2007- London: Islamic Real Estate Finance

This important two-day event focused on real estate Shariah-compliant finance issues and developments both in the Gulf countries and in the EU


1-2 November 2007 - London: "The International Takaful Summit"

The first of a series of fortunate conferences on Takāful that would emerge as a must-attend annual event in London. Alberto Brugnoni chaired this summit that gathered the principal players of the industry


4 May 2007 - Padua: "La Finanza Islamica"

The conference was organised by the Municipality of Padua, a renown center of catholic finance, entrepreneurship and NGOs. A. Brugnoni and M. Mauri spoke at this well-attended evening event


25 April 2007 - Dubai: “Sukuk: Exploring the Phenomena”

This summit gathered the principal world specialists and practitioners that debated the issues confronting the development of the Islamic capital markets. Alberto Brugnoni chaired this international event that was attended by Antea Brugnoni as well


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century