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Milestones in Italy

'God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty' recites the well-known hadith and certainly the ‘Bel Paese’ is not in want of it!

From culture to fashion, furniture to design, lifestyle to leisure, natural beauty to architecture, and, last but not least, culinary traditions and gastronomy, the imprint of the Renaissance shows up in those sectors where Italian products are prized the world over. For its part, Islamic finance embodies in the widest possible acceptation and nuances the word 'beauty' and translates it into the implementation of values such as justice, balanced and inclusive society, equality of rights, environmental protection, cultural overarching and sharing of values. All deemed reflections of the eternal Beauty. Hence, it represents an ideal conduit to convey a very sophisticated and unique message by those Italian concerns that share and implement these same values in their productions and policies.

Keeping in mind that one of the highest moments of the contemporary history of Italy, the Renaissance, drew many of its sources from or through the Islamic world, ASSAIF has blazed a trail with a number of pioneering initiatives spanning finance, cultural-marketing, and communication. They all aimed at creating a more vibrant, challenging, inclusive and, at the end, happier society. Some of these endeavours are listed hereby.


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century