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Training Institutes

Teaching and training are important aspects of the ongoing research. Despite the volume of published research present today, a comprehensive textbook on the subject of Islamic finance has yet to emerge. Until then, universities and colleges offering instruction in this field will have to rely on the expertise of the few people engaged in academic work on IFE. A few institutions that specialize in training and certification programmes in IF have been set up within the industry; these include the Muamalat Institute, Bank Muamalat, Indonesia, Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia, College of Islamic Banking & Finance, Malaysia, Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies, Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London, and the Center for Islamic Economics, Pakistan (S. Nazim Ali, Islamic Finance and Economics as Reflected in Research and Publications).

Professional and academic bodies and research centres offer on-line and on-site courses that lead to certificates and diplomas in Islamic finance. Furthermore, there is a wide offering of workshops on topical issues.

IRTI Training Courses


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