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Promoter and writer of the "Progetto Pilota Genoardo" to achieve social and financial inclusion (=from guests to citizens) for the Muslim (Tunisian and Moroccan) communities living in Sicily through bespoke urban, housing, and financial policies based on the traditional Islamic urban model.

Writing and publishing of the Pilot Project Genoardo (PPG). The PPP proposed the use of the well-tested traditional Muslim model of urban insertion to create a truly multi-ethnic city that takes into account the Muslim population essential requirements, such as mosques, Islamic housing, Islamic modes of financing, halāl products, madrasah, hamām-s and cemeteries.

This multidisciplinary and seminal projects required extensive researches in the fields of urban planning, sociology, history, Islamic finance and economy as well as on the relation between Italian civil code and Shariah. The PPG also advocated the use of interest rate-free financing, the implementation of the Islamic finance principles in Italy and proposed the creation of a Shariah-compliant Mediterranean Development Bank.

It stood out in Europe for the number of sources used, the extent of the arguments it dealt with, and the originality of the investment solutions that it proposed. It was widely recognized as having pro-actively contributed to the debate on new forms of citizenship for the Muslim minorities living in Western societies.

The "Progetto Pilota Genoardo", Istituto per l'Oriente, Roma, 1997, pp XIV-290 is available upon request


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