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ITALIAN NATIONAL TRUST - Bagheria (Sicily), 1996/2002

Withdrawing from professional activities to focus on the studying of the maqāsid al-shariah. Active and constant engagement to protect Villa Valguarnera, one of the most important Italian A-graded monumental landmarks.

Studying several hundreds of first and secondary fiqh and hadith-s sources employed to better undestand the fundamentals of Shariah law and principles.

At the same time, a prolonged situation of local social instability, and strong and conflicting external pressures required the institution of an endless number of legal proceedings to defend this unique site. Financial and administrative tasks of great complexity were dealt with. They culminated in the the editing of the 'Villa Valguarnera General Programme of Restoration - July 2002', pp 557. This executive project required the coordination of architects and urban planners and a working relationship with the 'Monuments and Fine Arts Office' of the Regione Sicilia for the philological restoration

"The Villa Valguarnera White Book", circa pp 2000 with a detailed reconstruction of the nature of the events and the roles played by the stakeholders, mostly including original documentation, is available upon request.


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century