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EXPO 2015 "FEEDING THE PLANET. ENERGY FOR LIFE", Milan, 23 October 2015

The first key message conveyed by EXPO 2015 was the right for every human being to access proper feeding resources both in quantity and quality. This event focused on the right to choose these resources according to one’s cultural and religious choice: a principle that belongs to the sphere of individual rights.

One-day conference themed ‘HALAL FOOD - A BORDER THAT DOES NOT DIVIDE - Culture, Dialogue, Inclusion, Cooperation, Business’. Enhancing the halal food industry means contributing to social inclusion, to mutual knowledge and understanding, to intercultural dialogue, to development cooperation, and to international partnerships with the Islamic countries that are looking for Italian quality products.

The conference was divided in four sessions: TO KNOW IN ORDER TO CO-OPERATE (Why a conference on halal food) - HALAL FOOD, A BORDER THAT DOES NOT DIVIDE (Culture, integration, trades, globalized societies) - THE HALAL ECONOMY (How big, where and how: amounts, flows, opportunities, certifications) - HALAL IN THE GLOBAL DIMENSION (Right to food, development cooperation, business, financing the halal chain).

With her unique culinary tradition Italy is well positioned to fusion the Islamic food requirements and the wealth of regional cuisines into a new enticing and halal proposition.


Piero della Francesca, ‘La città ideale’, Italy XVI century